National programmes (past)

This page contains presentations about national programmes and some transnational activities. The presentations originate from the Fifth European Aeronautic Days 2006 and the Sixth European Aeronautic Days 2011.

Guide ERA-NET AirTN Aeronautics Research Funding in the Partner Countries

National programmes

Austria Austrian R&D-Strategy and Initiatives for the Aeronautics Sector (Aerodays 2011)
France French National Aero RTD Highlights (Aerodays 2006)
The concerted approach of the French National Council for Civil Aviation research (CORAC) (Aerodays 2011)
Germany The Aeronautics Research Programme of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) (Aerodays 2011)
The European Research Area Network in Aeronautics (Aerodays 2011)
The German National Aeronautics Research Programme (Aerodays 2006)
Greece Aeronautics Supply Chain in Greece Public – Private partnership. The missing link (Aerodays 2006)
Hungary Aeronautics Related RTD Activities in Hungary (Aerodays 2006)
Ireland Aeronautics RTD Support and Activities in Ireland (Aerodays 2006)
Italy The Italian National Programme for Aeronautics (Aerodays 2006)
Poland Aeronautics related RTD activities in Poland (Aerodays 2006)
Centers of Excellence in Aeronautics R&TD in Poland (Aerodays 2006)
Initiatives for Aeronautics RTD in Poland (Aerodays 2011)
Romania New Concepts in Romanian Aeronautical Activities (Aerodays 2011)
Romanian R&D Potential and Industrial Capabilities in Aeronautics (Aerodays 2006)
Slovakia Aeronautical Research Niche Areas – Opportunities for the Small (Aerodays 2006)
Spain Coordination of Aeronautics interest in the Member States (Aerodays 2011)
RTD support for aeronautics in Spain (Aerodays 2011)
Sweden Aeronautics R&T Programs and Research Agenda (Aerodays 2011)
The Netherlands The Netherlands aeronautics innovation approach (Aerodays 2011)
United Kingdom UK National Aerospace Technology Strategy (Aerodays 2006)
The UK National Aeronautics Technology Strategy (Aerodays 2011)

Transnational Coorperation

CEARES The Support Action for Central Europe (Aerodays 2011)
EU EU FP7 International Cooperation in EU Aeronautics Research