Programmes in Europe


This chapter gives an overview on the different types of programmes offered, supporting measures and the Technology Readiness Level covered.

Programme types

Funding schemes vary across the participating countries. Some programmes have a thematic focus on aviation; others are kept general as they encourage research across sectoral boundaries. Therefore, the programmes can be divided into the following three categories:

  • Aviation-specific programme: countries offering programmes specifically dedicated to aviation.
  • General programme: countries not having a specific programme dedicated to aviation, but having programmes or programme-like activities that include aviation-related topics.
  • No programme: countries offering no aviation related programmes or programme-like activities.

The following table relates the countries to their programme category.

Aviation-specific programme General programme No programme
Austria Croatia Estonia
Belgium Denmark Finland
France Greece Hungary
Germany Malta Luxembourg
Poland Netherlands
Romania Spain
Sweden United Kingdom

Foreign participation

In most programmes or programme-like activities, partners from other countries can participate. Only in Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Spain and Switzerland partners from other countries cannot participate in programmes or programme-like activities. All countries stated that partners from other countries are not entitled to receive funding.

Types of supporting measures

Through specific activities and supporting initiatives, programmes foster the implementation of strategies.


Technology readiness level

TRL (technology readiness level) is a method of estimating technology maturity of Critical Technology Elements (CTE) of a programme during the acquisition process.


Technology Readiness Level cluster (TRL 1-9) of the programmes (n=14)

Detailed Information on Aviation Research in Europe

The report provides futher information on programmes per country concerning:

  • policy
  • strategy
  • programme/programme-like activity
  • programme objectives
  • target groups
  • eligible applicants
  • types of supporting means
  • TRL level covered within the programme

For aviation-specific programmes and for general programmes the following tables highlight the programme, the responsible funding the management organisation and the points of contact for each country.

Country Ministry/Agency Aviation-specific programme
Austria Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology / FFG Take Off
Belgium BELSPO/FPS Economy/IDEM Airbus programme
France Finance ministry DGE FUI – Fond unique interministeriel
Germany Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy Aeronautics Research Programme
Poland National Centre for Research and Development INNOLOT
Romania Ministry of Education/ANCSI/UEFISCDI SN CDI 2020 – National Strategy for RDI 2014-2020
Sweden Vinnova/Armed Forces/Innovair NFFP – National Aeronautical Research Program
Switzerland Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications / Federal Office of Civil Aviation BV86


Country Ministry/Agency General programme
Croatia Ministry of Science and Education (MZO)/Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ) IP – Research projects
Denmark Styrelsen for Forskning og Innovation/ Innovationsfonden Innobooster
Greece General Secretariat for Research and Technology Research-Create-Innovate
Malta Malta Council for Science and Technology FUSION – The R&I Programme
Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs/ TKI
Spain CDTI PID – Research Development Projects
United Kingdom Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy ATI Research and Technology programme

Estonia, Finland, Hungary and Luxembourg do not have any aviation specific programme or programme-like activity for aviation topics.

List of Contacts

Country Name Organisation Function Mail Phone Address
Austria Ingrid Kernstock bmvit R&I Strategy Design and Programme Owner +43 1 7116265 2119 Radetzkystrasse 2 1030 Vienna
Belgium Georges Jamart Belspo Programme manager +32 2 238 36 90
Croatia Ivica Smojver University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture Head of Chair of Aircraft Structures +385 (1) 6168 267 I. Lučića 5 10000 Zagreb
Denmark Jakob Madsen DANRO Head of Office
Estonia Allan Nõmmik Estonian Aviation Academy Lecturer +3725270652 61707, Tartu County, Ülenurme, Lennu 40
Finland Erkki Soinne Finnish Transport Safety Agency Chief Adviser, Aeronautics +358 29 534 6116 P.O. Box 320 00101 Helsinki
France Thilo Schoenfeld Aerospace Valley VP International Affairs 33688510605 118 Route de Narbonne 31400 Toulouse
Germany Jan Bode BMWI Deputy Head of Section Aeronautics +49 30 2014 7485 Scharnhorststr. 34-37 10115 Berlin
Germany (Bremen) Bastian Müller Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Ports Aerospace
Greece Vassilis Kostopoulos University of Patras Professor, Director of Applied Mechanics & Vibration Lab. +30 6951002447 Patras University Campus 265 00 Patras
Hungary Roland Guraly Slot Consulting Ltd. Aviation expert, ACARE MSG member
Luxembourg Direction de l’Aviation Civile +35 224174900
Malta Nadine Castillo Malta Council for Science and Technology Governmental Entity responsible for R&I +35 6 23602142 Villa Bighi Kalkara KKR 1320
Netherlands Ruben Prins Netherlands Enterprise Agency National Contact Point Transport +31 88 6025801 Prinses Beatrixlaan 2, The Hague
Poland Jacek Rokicki Warsaw University of Technology Professor +48 222347444 Nowowiejska 24 00665 Warsaw
Romania Catalin NAE INCAS President & CEO +40 745780140 Iuliu Maniu 220 sector 6 06126 Bucharest
Spain Juan Francisco Reyes Sánchez CDTI Aviation +34 915815562 cid 4
Spain (Andalusia) Juan Callejon Agencia de Innovación y desarrollo de Andalucia, IDEA Department director of grants +34 955030730 Leonardo da Vinci, 17 A. PCT Catuja 41092 Sevilla
Sweden Björn Jonsson Innovair Research and technology coordinator +46 8 7826261 FMV 11588 Stockholm
United Kingdom Ian Turner Aerospace Hub, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Head of Technology +44 207 215 0763 1 Victoria Street London SW1H 0ET