Overview for applicants

Air transport industries, operators, research establishments and academics willing to co-operate in transnational RTD projects on aeronautics may wish to know the feasibility of funding of their project ideas and/or proposals. For a first analysis of the feasibility of funding AirTN provides you the following information to initially evaluate yourselves:

  • What?
    Check if your proposal/idea fits with the transnational, national and regional objectives of the programmes in terms of: general objectives of the programmes research topics of the calls.
  • When?
    Check if transnational, national, and regional programmes are open for submission of proposals for projects and when awarded projects could start. Proposals are usually submitted in response to calls. Besides some programmes are continuously open to support ideas. Even if call submission and evaluation dates for targeted national and regional programmes do not match, there maybe an opportunity for submission of proposals/ideas.
  • Who?
    If the partners in your proposal/idea are eligible for funding, if there are any restrictions on the lead, or any other requirements from transnational, national and regional programmes.
  • How?
    Check the information with respect to overall call funding and funding restrictions/expectations on a proposal as well as other restrictions that are published on this website.

How to submit your proposal/idea?
If your proposal/idea fits fully within a single call/programme you may contact the point of contact of this call/programme for more information. If your proposal/idea needs transnational co-operation but does not fit within an exisiting call/programme, you may submit it to the Programmes and calls contact of AirTN or contact the relevant AirTN national yourselves. The Programmes and calls contact of AirTN is willing to support you to identify opportunities for funding.