AirTN call 01/2013 CLOSED


ERA-Net AirTN opens the second transnational call for proposals in 2013: funding of cooperative r&d projects in aeronautics

The AirTN Call 01/2013 opens on 1 July, 2013. Deadline for submission will be 15 October 12:00 CET, 2013. The submission of proposals via the AirTN website will be possible from 1st September on.

1. Participating Countries

Participating countries in the call are:

  • Austria
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Sweden

Organisations from other countries are welcomed to participate in transnational projects but won’t be funded within the national programmes of the above mentioned countries.

2. Target and Topics of AirTN Call 01/2013

Target of the AirTN Call 01/2013 is to support innovation and competitive research by funding projects with challenging application aspects and a substantial commercial impact in aeronautics. Austria, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Sweden wish to take the opportunity of the parallel timing of their national calls to stimulate transnational projects and give e.g. small transnational research teams the chance to tackle common challenges together, trying to keep the administrative burden as low as possible.

The topics being announced in this call cover a wide range of aeronautics related topics incl. aviation. Please refer to the respective national call for more details on the topics.

3. Application Procedure

The submission process of the AirTN Call is single-phased.

Common proposals have to follow the form provided by AirTN (see chapter 5 Call Documents). Submission deadline for the common proposal is 15 October 2013, 12:00 CET. The proposal has to be written in English and shall be uploaded as a PDF file. By receipt of the common proposal you will get a confirmation Email with a proposal reference id.

In addition, a further proposal is required by national agencies/ministries (see national format templates and deadlines for application) and has to be submitted to the respective national agencies/ministries according to their rules and deadlines.

Deadlines for the submission of national proposals:

Country Deadline for pre-proposal Deadline full proposal
Austria 25.09.2013, 12:00 CET
Ireland 13.09.2013, 12:00 CET 15.10.2013, 12:00 CET
Italy 15.10.2013, 12:00 CET
Spain 15.10.2013, 12:00 CET
Sweden Week 6, 2014 (preliminary call schedule)

Proposers are strongly advised to contact the national agencies or ministries involved (see national contact points hereinafter) for any information concerning the call. For matters related to the international aspects of this call participants may also contact the call office via:

4. Eligibility and evaluation

The proposal eligibility check will be carried out by AirTN through the AirTN members´ agencies/ministries and will address formal compliance with the (1) AirTN criteria that are applied in all member countries, and the (2) national requirements that are applied exclusively to the applicants from these countries.

The evaluation of projects is conducted by each of the national agencies/ministries of the respective project partners according to national regulations and evaluation systems. Projects that are evaluated positively in the involved countries will be recommended for funding by the AirTN consortium.

5. Forms, guidelines and further information

For application in the AirTN Call 01/2013 following documents are being applicable:

6. Partner Search Facility

If you would like to participate in a project or if you have an idea for a project and are looking for partners, then fill out at least one of the following forms on the AirTN RTD partner search and RTD project idea facility

  • Organisation form with global information on what you would like to contribute to RTD projects
  • Project idea form with information on the project idea (to the level of detail you want) and on partners searched for

The information supplied in the forms is published on the AirTN public website to ensure a best possible support for partner search and match-making. Points of contact for organisations and/or project ideas can be directly contacted. The national agencies involved in the call will also try to help you in finding suitable partners as soon as possible.

7. Contact persons of participating countries

FFG: Vera Ellegast,; Tel.: +43 5 7755 5062

Enterprise Ireland: Paul Butler,, Tel.: +353 61 777049

MIUR: Aldo Covello,; Tel.: +39 06 9772 6465, +39 338 9364371
Vincenzo Di Marco,; Tel.: +39 06 9772 7727

CDTI: Juan Francisco Reyes,; Tel.: +34 91 581 5607

VINNOVA: Vilgot Claesson,; Tel.: +46 8 473 3056

AirTN Call Office for general questions about the call: