AirTN creates opportunities for and to ease collaboration on aeronautical RTD that would not have otherwise been undertaken independently by existing research programmes, due to financial or technical constraints.

This AirTN website is addressing air transport industries, operators, research establishments and academics willing to co-operate in transnational RTD projects on aeronautics. Through their transnational, national and regional programmes the AirTN member states support joint, transnational activities that contribute to the national and regional objectives. The website provides a unique overview of regional, national and European programmes and calls relevant to aeronautics. Air transport industries, operators, research establishments and academics are invited to submit their ideas for a transnational project. Further information is provided on the Overview for applicants page.

For other stakeholders like the European Commission, ACARE and GARTEUR, the website also provides information on the AirTN project and its partners, the major air transport events (including those organised by AirTN), and other relevant information.