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The Air Transport Network, AirTN NextGen, a CSA funded under FP7, creates a platform of networking and communication between regional, national and governmental organizations supporting research and innovation in the EU Member States and Associated Countries to the EU Framework Program in the field of Aviation.

Events 2016

AirTN-NextGen Workshop on Virtual testing, towards virtual certification

25 May, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Where currently extensive experimental verification is needed, further development of design and simulation capabilities may increase the competitiveness of industry. In this workshop the focus will be on the theme of key isolated or clustered multidisciplinary aeronautics industrial problems with presently low degree of confidence in design and simulation and that therefore need extensive experimental verification. The development and validation of tools for this theme is indicated as a priority area in topic MG-1.3-2017 of the Horizon 2020 Work Program 2016-2017 for smart, green and integrated transport. With this theme, both short and long term needs in virtual testing and certification are addressed in this workshop.

Please register to the workshop by filling the registration form and sending it to the e-mail address mentioned in the form until 6 May 2016. The detailed agenda and further details on the workshop are available on

3rd AirTN NextGen Network Meeting

29 September 2016, Bratislava, Slovakia
Safe the date for the final AirTN NextGen Network Meeting and be informed about the outcomes of the project. The meeting is planned as a full day meeting on 29 September 2016 in Bratislava, Slovakia. The primary objective of the meeting is to give an overview of the project results and to discuss on future cooperation possibilities. The meeting target participants are representatives from: member states & associated countries, transport and education (or other relevant) ministries, funding agencies, ACARE national mirror groups, regional government and clusters in the field of aviation (e.g. aeronautics and air transport - AAT). The agenda will be published well in advance to the meeting.

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