To foster transnational cooperation in aviation research and technology a survey on national/regional funding programs, calls and strategies relevant for aviation is being performed with the support of ACARE Member States Group, BEWARE and ETNA Plus. First results will soon be published on the AirTN website and will be continuously updated with new information. Possibilities for transnational cooperation in aviation R&T are pointed out for all interested parties!

A study on research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation has been performed to identify regions that support aeronautic technologies and a map has been realized with detailed information about specific technologies and contacts. A deep study on synergies between H2020 and ESIF has been carried out as well, also benefiting from the outputs of the ETNA Plus analysis on national innovation strategies.

Activities aiming at supporting transnational cooperation under H2020 and better understanding of the new ERA-NET COFUND instrument have been implemented. In this context, AirTN reports on the opportunities offered by the SME instrument and by the ERA-NET Cofund instrument, both under Horizon 2020, are available here.
The Research Infrastructures Catalog, established under AirTN FP7, has been updated with new information.


To enlarge the network and disseminate the work and results performed AirTN NextGen Partners participated at relevant external events (e.g. BEWARE workshop, ACARE MSG Meeting, ETNA Plus forum etc.).

In 2014 AirTN NextGen also organized three AirTN NextGen workshops/conferences.

Towards virtual certification

A seminar on clusters of simulation capabilities titled "Towards virtual certification: key challenges in the field of simulation capabilities for European research infrastructures", with the aim of exploiting the potential advantages and their associated constraints of clusters of simulations in the fields of virtual testing and virtual certification. It was held in Bonn on 25th September 2014.

AirTN-Nextgen Network Meeting

The first AirTN-Nextgen Network Meeting, organized in Brussels on the 27th of October 2014, gave an overview of the project goals and results achieved so far. Win-win situations, barriers and solutions for improved trans-national cooperation in research, technological developments and innovation have been discussed.

INAIR 2014

The International Conference on Air Transport INAIR 2014 was held in Prague on November 13 and 14. As the only conference of its kind in Central Europe it dealt mainly with the future direction of Europe and the need of strengthening the links between university education and industry.


Meet the AirTN NextGen Network in 2015 and be part of the network!

AirTN NextGen will organize following workshops/conferences. All conferences and workshops will be announced as soon as possible.

2nd AirTN NextGen Network meeting

The 2nd AirTN NextGen Network meeting focusing on transnational cooperation possibilites.

3rd AirTN NextGen Network meeting

The 3rd AirTN NextGen Network meeting of "Air Transport Universities" to strengthen cooperation of universities covering problems of air transport industry.

AirTN NextGen partners will be present at

BEWARE workshop

The BEWARE workshop on 30 March in Rome: the project in general and results from the analysis of the ERA-NET Cofund instrument for transnational cooperation will be presented.

Aerodays 2015

AirTN Nextgen will participate to the Aerodays, October 2015, in London, having a slot within the session dedicated to Members States.

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