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Newsletter, Date 13-10-2014

Air Transport Network - Next Generation (AirTN-NextGen), funded under the 7th Framework Programme, started on the 1st December 2013. It aims at continuing the network established under previous AirTN projects (developed under ERA-NET scheme) and widening it to create a platform of communication between national organisations and governmental institutions, supporting research and innovation in the field of aviation (aeronautics and air transport - AAT).

In October/November AirTN NextGen is planning two conferences/workshops, which you shouldn't miss!

1st AirTN NextGen Network Meeting on 27 October 2014, Brussels

The 1st AirTN NextGen Network Meeting is planned as a full day meeting on 27 October 2014 in Brussels. The primary objective of the meeting is to give an overview of the project goals and to present results achieved so far.

The meeting target participants are representatives from: member states & associated countries, transport and education (or other relevant) ministries, funding agencies, ACARE national mirror groups, regional government and clusters in the field of aviation (e.g. aeronautics and air transport - AAT).

1st AirTN NextGen Network Meeting

INAIR 2014 - International Conference on Air Transport - 13-14 November 2014, Prague, Czech Republic

As also recognized in FlightPath2050 and SRIA, Aviation education is an important element of the process needed to maintaining world-leading position and competitiveness in the dynamic world market for Europe's aviation industry.

University of Zilina (as one of core AirTN NextGen project team members) organises the INAIR2014 conference. It is an event that strengthens world-leading position and competitiveness of aviation by sharing knowledge from various areas associated with the civil aviation industry such as:

  1. Navigation services, navigation systems, ATM safety
  2. Airport systems, design and operation
  3. Aviation education and flight training
  4. Economic aspects of aviation industry
  5. Aircraft manufacturing, maintenance and operation

The conference will support personnel exchanges on specific projects/topics among industry, research establishment and universities.

INAIR 2014 Announcement

Detailed information on AirTN NextGen and activities planned are given within the online newsletter

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